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Twenty five years is a long time to do anything. For you, that means taking advantage of my quarter of a century of experience troubleshooting noise problems and intercepting noise problems before they happen. That means you can save time, money, and effort during product development. Click to Continue

I'm Randal Vaughn and I work directly with a small number of companies each year in my role as a consulting troubleshooter of electrical noise problems. But equally important is my work as a reviewer of schematics, PCB layouts, and mechanical designs to pre-emptively design out problems before they get designed in.

I’ve seen the high level of stress and anxiety among engineers and managers faced with dealing with noise problems on their own. Personally, I feel good when I come in and start knocking down those problems one at a time and help the staff get the product in good shape and out into the market. But there are many thousands of electronics companies in the US and around the world needing help on electrical noise problems at some point during the product development cycle.

The sad part of course is there are many more design engineers in need of assistance than I can personally work with. It’s exactly for that reason that I've created this site, SilentCircuitry.com. From here, you and I can leverage the power of the internet to get the information that you (and many others) need to  improve the noise performance of your electronic products, get them to market faster, and importantly - reduce your stress and anxiety during the whole process.

The content here is very valuable and the great thing is this. A huge portion is available to you at no cost. It's comprehensive information, not just bits and pieces. From time to time there will be commercial products shown and discussed here also. Those will in most cases be products I have developed for use by design engineers and in collaboration with design engineers who I have worked with over the years. So, whether it's the high value info available at no charge or the commercial products; it's all designed, developed, and produced with the same goal in mind, to benefit you, the working engineer.

I hope you sign-up (it's free of course) so you can get the best experience and access to the info you need. If you're ready, the button's below - you know what to do.


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